Stellar is lifting the paper burden off sales representatives.

Supercharging sales teams across the country

Pharmabroker NZ specialises in marketing, sales and distribution within the pharmacy channel in New Zealand. As a result of the success in promoting a range of leading brands across New Zealand, the sales team has to manage increasingly large amounts of product information.

As Pharmabroker grew, so did the size of the product folders and deal books the reps carry with them.

Enter Stellar Library – all the information instantly available on the tablet, with the added bonus of multimedia presentations on the go.

“Having the right information at our fingertips is a key element to the success of our company,” Marketing Manager Warren Smith says. “The amount of paper the sales reps needed to have with them meant they were becoming lopsided carrying it all around.”

He says Stellar Library gives Pharmabroker’s reps the sales information they need instantly, is easy to update and is secured by encryption during transmission and on the tablet in the field.

Sales? It’s simple with Stellar

“An added advantage is that Stellar Library was a ‘piece of cake’ to roll out for our six sales reps. The system is essentially ‘plug and play’. We know that our reps always have current product information to hand and we’ve significantly reduced our courier use,” Warren says.

The ease of implementation was an important advantage of Stellar Library.

Warren says the company assessed a range of document management and sales management systems as the paper load grew.

“Apart from the cost advantage of Stellar Library, we also faced complex installation and training issues to achieve the outcome we were looking for – easy, secure distribution and management of the information our reps needed in the field,” he says.

Warren says the sales reps have their tablet on hand all the time and Stellar Library is now an integral part of their activity.

“We’re able to provide our reps with a lot more information which is easier to manage and present. Our visual material looks great on the tablet, and of course, we can now use multimedia presentations at any time.”

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