Stellar Secure Business Platforms is a document distribution and meeting management software that enables users to make faster, more informed decisions in a secure environment.

Stellar Secure Business Platforms powers StellarBoard and StellarGovt.

Stellar is cloud-based and fully encrypted to protect customers’ important data. With features such as restriction of access control where documents and folders are only accessible to those with permission. Online/offline capabilities enable you full access even when offline, to make working on the go easier!

  • Local Government Councils & Shire’s
  • Corporate Boards
  • Not for Profit boards
  • District Health Boards
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Iwi’s
  • Partnership boards
  • Educational Institutes

Process Improvement: 

  • Improved document management and maintain version control of all your files with a central file repository. Stellar works with documents created via Microsoft Office suite, PDF, Images, Videos, Sound files.
  • Restrict access per folder level to ensure certain areas of the business are kept separate and inaccessible.
  • Quick and easy way to put together boardpacks, deliver boardpack in either a meeting portal view or a print hard copy version.
  • Maintain audit trail through full usage log outlining all interactions in the Stellar platform per username, real time reporting.
  • Exceptionally quick and intuitive interface, no complex menus or navigation
  • Agenda creation and full annotation options including free hand pen and highlighter, text underline, strike-through and highlight, signing, voting, private and public commenting
  • Late update and revision efficiency for any last-minute changes

Health and Safety & Compliance: 

  • Complete visibility on documents relating to who has downloaded, read and for how long.
  • Ensure compliance is maintained with complete visibility of how your information is interacted with.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Secure offsite cloud storage automatically backed up via a mirroring system to a second server in a different region.
  • Online and offline access for documents with or without internet connection. – Never locked out of your own information.

IP Protection: 

Secure cloud storage keeps information safe in rest (storage), transit (distribution) and internally with individualised access controls, full limiting on downloading and printing and watermarking protection from screenshots

Stellar Secure Business Platforms has two products: StellarBoard and StellarGovt. Purchasing Stellar is very easy: Contact us directly via, and someone from our friendly team will contact you.

You can find more information on Stellarboard by visiting our Board specific website

You can find more information on StellarGovt by visiting our Council specific website

The stellar platform is ISO certified on the Amazon Web Services platform to ISO 27001

The Stellar servers are hosted in Sydney, Australia via Amazon Web Services. The servers are backed up via a mirroring system within Amazon Web Services.

AWS certified to ISO 27001