Managing Sales Info On The Move: 5 Distribution Software must-haves

Managing sales information on the move

What to look for when you need Electronic Document Distribution Software that empowers on-the-go sales teams to close deals faster anywhere, anytime, on any device.

When the Apple iPad was introduced in 2010, it received a mixed reception.

It would never catch on…

It couldn’t compete with netbooks…

And it lacked the ability to synchronise wirelessly…

Well, hundreds of million of devices later and the landscape is very different. What’s more, the iPad spawned a host of imitators in the marketplace where it is now joined by Android and Windows devices.

Mobile devices, and tablets in particular, have quickly found their way into the workplace and become an important business tool in boardrooms, council chambers, and accountancy firms the world over. Especially for salespeople who, as part of their work, are naturally on the move.

Since successful sales teams spend most of their time in the field, organisations have had to face up to the challenges of managing their mobile devices, including keeping mobile information secure and up to date. Among the issues that have to be managed are software updates, application installation and management as well as security.

The mobile device solutions that work best make it easy to deliver updates and change/update business information. More importantly, all this has to happen without having to come back to the office.


Stellar keeps information secret, and keeps it safe with these 5 features

Stellar keeps sensitive information safe with these features

  • Easy to use, easier to update
    The two core pillars of Stellar’s early development focus were security and ease of use. Built in was the assumption that the application would be used on the move and that users didn’t want to be bothered by updates and management issues with the software.Add to this the fact that sales teams seem to run at 110 percent capacity. This means that new features and capabilities have to be delivered in a seamless manner (in our case via the app store for the particular platform) and with minimal training requirements.
  • Safe, secure, and with constant oversight
    From a security point of view, the library/administrator not only controls access but can also monitor access and usage of all files. There is no risk of losing data, as Stellar is not a repository for files – rather it provides access to a copy of the information.Full offline capability means mobile sales people do not have to rely on being connected to the cloud to do their business. Because backups are a perennial problem, especially with sales teams who rarely come back to the main office, the fact that Stellar is based in the cloud removes this as an issue.
  • Supercharge sales with up-to-date information
    Besides securely managing sensitive data, Stellar also provide the facility to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information. This means sales people who routinely use training videos, presentation libraries or large PDFs aren’t waiting for a download.
  • Order and organise for easy access
    The flexibility of Stellar allows it to be integrated with modern approaches such as mobile sales enablement, which supports structured approaches to the preparation and engagement their audience using mobile devices in any place, and close deals faster. Stellar has a Document Collation Module, which allows users to group and order documents to assist with seamless presentations.
  • Securely share across iOS, Android & Windows devices
    Finally, the fact that Stellar Library is completely device “agnostic” means it works with almost any current mobile device, be it iOS, Android or Windows. In fact, it’s never been easier to electronically distribute documents to use on any size of phone or tablet.


Stellar secures your sales information, it’s that simple!

Stellar is the application for sales people on the move looking to (securely) take full advantage of the mobile revolution started many years ago by Apple.

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